Visit Issue Collection






Aug 2 - Sept 30


1 Product Designer, 1 Product Manager, 1 Front Engineer, A few operators


Visit Issue Collection allows home visitors to report issues and allows Opendoor to resolve issues to sell homes faster

The goal of the project is to reduce issues exposed to the home visitors and empower ops team with information needed to solve the right issue faster.

The bottom line business impact for this project is visitor CSAT as well as visit issue resolution SLA. Dotted line metrics are visit counts per home and Days On Market for homes Opendoor acquired.



On average, 60% of the people unlock homes using Opendoor app and ~40% people provide home feedback after they’ve unlocked and visited Opendoor homes.

There’s an existing home feedback question that gauges visitor interests level by asking visitor “How did you like address X?“ and visitors are only able to provide in-depth feedback if their answer is “not interested“.

Customer reports are very often the way we first learn about home issues. It is imperative to address these issues ASAP to reduce further customer exposure. It’s very likely that for each report we get that reports a home issue, several customers before them encountered the same issue but did not report because we did not make it easy for them to do so. 

Opendoor is not getting enough, quality and structured home issue feedback via the app.

opendoor problem

Visitors are exposed to many home issues that could have been addressed before their visit.

Visitor Problem



Opendoor homes are only as good as their maintenance. Visitors have high expectations when they visit Opendoor homes. No issues are small issues such as the floor is dusty, the smell is smoky, the temperature is too hot or too cold. The goal is to enable visitors to directly report home issues via the app and allows Opendoor operation team to digest and react to issues reported ASAP.

Improve customer visit experience and Opendoor brand perception by reducing customer exposure to home issues

visitor goal

  • How visitors think about Opendoor self tour experience?

  • How many home issues they’ve came across?

  • What they’ve done when they saw any issues?

  • How home issues affect people’s purchase decisions?

Allow Opendoor to digest home issue feedback systematically to understand their frequency and severity and respond to them quickly

Opendoor goal

  • How many home issues are reported by visitors?

  • How fast can we triage them and create work orders?

  • Do we know what went wrong to all our vacant homes?




Visit CSAT

measurement 1


Number of Issue reported via app per day

measurement 2


Time spent to triage and create issue ticket

measurement 3


Shipped Product

Visit issue reporting work flow.png

The entry point of the question is grouped with existing home interest question as both of them are important and will triggered after the 24 hours of each unlock.

The difference between these two questions is the home issue question can be submitted multiple times and the home interest question can only be answered once and then disappear.

We played with different button styles and wanted to make sure it doesn’t overpower the home interest question as visitor can always express their interests independent of whether or not they’ve experienced any home issues.

We also played with various copies and want to make sure it matches with our tone of voice and keep it human.

Entry point 

Entry Point.jpg
Entry Point - Exploration.jpg

Worked with operator, we were able to come up with 5 issue categories with many sub-categories based on the free form feedback we’ve been getting over time.

We’ve explored different ways to present main categories together with sub-categories. We chose to surface a wide range of high level main categories for visitor to easily map any issue(s) we’ve encountered with the list item we provided before spending too much time browsing sub-categories. When the list gets long, eventually there’s an opportunity to introduce search.

Structured Issue Category

Issue Category - Exploration.jpg