The ZocDoc is designed to be the go to place for online medical scheduling service. The experience of making a doctor appointment has been carefully designed for helping patients decide which doctor to go and see based on doctor's specialties and past patient reviews and also for helping them decide when to visit a doctor by revealing the bookable time slots on their schedules.


My Role

This is an individual side project originated from my own experience using Zocdoc.

Wireframing (Sketch3)



  1. It is common for patients to schedule a follow up visit or recurring visits to build up the trust with the same service provider.
  2. Activities such as picking up prescriptions and scheduling lab tests are inseparable parts of the preliminary consultation.

Design Core

Help patients manage their post doctor visit activities such as another visit for a lab test or another trip to a pharmacy.

What If

  1. What if we treat each visit not as a single event but a series of events. The first scheduled visit is just the very first step that leads to what needs to be done next.
  2. What if we treat past and upcoming appointments as continuous events, an ongoing record of how their medical questions are answered and how their health conditions are improved by managing and crossing action items off their list.


1. Remind to create post doctor events

Patients will be notified of their last doctor visit and reminded if there were any follow up activities that need to be added to their calendar.

2. Choose the frequency of the activities

The next step is to characterize the events into once time or recurring event. If it is a recurring event, the patient is able to specify the intervals of its recurrence.

3. Pick a time that works for both sides

The available time slots will be pulled from the chosen doctor's calendar for patient to pick.

4. Tab to see what's next

The scheduled events will be saved and displayed underneath the upcoming appointments tab.