New Open APIs for Office 365: These REST-based APIs for mail, files, calendar and contacts will empower Android, iOS, Windows or Web developers to leverage over 400 petabytes of Office 365 content to deliver enhanced productivity to the millions of Office 365 subscribers. Available today through the Microsoft API Sandbox for Office 365.”
– Forbes





Build an interactive code playground for developers to learn and use the Office APIs.

My Role

Hypothesis forming
Recruiting/Run remote moderated study
Data synthesis


Scott Postma


Lean UX Approach

The team is applying Lean UX approach, an approach introduced in the book “Lean UX” written by Jeff Gothelf. The team practices lean UX research by forming and validating testable hypotheses that answer four key questions:

  1. Who are we designing for?
  2. What are our offerings?
  3. What are the user outcomes/business outcomes of building such feature/product?
  4. What are the measurements of being successful? (Quant/Qual)


1. Problem statement and assumptions
To answer the question “What are the outcomes of building such feature/product” is actually a reflective and creative process of identifying opportunities, acknowledging problems and understanding constraints.

2. Research questions and task flow
Designer, PM and researcher work closely to solidify the way we move user from one task to the next and weave the research questions into the task flow, making sure we have a baseline for overseeing multiple user study sessions.


3. Moderate usability study sessions
Plan and conduct remote moderated study to gather user feedbacks on MVPs.

4. Analyze and synthesize user feedback data
The feedback data help product teams empathetic with users’ needs and pain points, validate hypotheses and undercover the “Why” behind the “What”.

Data Synthesis.jpg

5. Report out and provide design suggestions
Write up and share a light-weight result report with macro and micro findings and design suggestions.