I got into Industrial Design as an undergrad and back then the Product Designer was referring to a designer who designs the physical product rather than the digital one. Over years, not only the same job title applies to both groups, but also there’s more to share than differ from each other. By the end of the day, it’s about humanize technologies and built product that betters people’s life (when it’s done right).

I’ve worked as a Designer Researcher before and have seen many times how feedback are turned into design decisions that benefited the product and people in the short/long run. As a Product Designer, I value spending time talking to people to reduce uncertainty and to gain empathy.

I’ve worked on a range of problem areas across mobile and web platforms - Including IoT Analytics, Real Estate Pricing, Mortgages, Sales CRM and more. Right now, I balance my day to day between ship quality products and influence long term product vision.