Product/UX Designer



Wenyang comes from Beijing and she now lives in the Bay Area. Currently, she is empowering sales team to be more productive with closing deals at Base.

Prior to joining Base, she worked as a UX Researcher at Microsoft Cloud&Enterprise UX team on boosting developers' productivity. 

She inspired by the saying by Milton Glase "I move things around until they look right" and she asks questions until she finds the right question(s) and the right answer(s). She is striving for "closing the gap between her work and her ambitions"(Inspired by Ira Glass) by asking questions and making stuff.

She aspires to help product teams build features/products that are effective and intuitive to use and also establish the confident in building the right features/products that people would find useful and valuable to use.

She is open-minded to see/learn new things and get better at them. When she is not designing, you will find her cooking Chinese cuisine and planning for her next trip. She is recently obsessed with James Turrel's aesthetics and Tomer Sharon's Validating product idea book.